Do you keep a stash of blank cards?

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Some cards I hoard, others I collect and save for the right occasion. It’s sometimes a fine distinction, but I’m always excited when I discover the perfect use for a card I’ve had for years.

I was reminded of this by our reader’s fine suggestion to give the gift of correspondence to friends and acquaintances. For those purposes, a nice stationery set would do fine, though our reader, like me, is also in the habit of picking up stray cards in random places throughout the year.

Museums are among my favorite places to do this; our reader also recommends national park visitors centers, bird shops, and even Trader Joe’s (who knew?).

What’s your go to source for blank cards?

8 thoughts on “Do you keep a stash of blank cards?

  1. I like to keep a stash of blank cards to hand, hate it having to do a last minute dash to the store for an imminent birthday. Also use them for writing letters, placing paper inside when I run out of space. May borrow Cap’s idea of using postcards for gifts – nice one!

  2. I always keep a stash of both notecards (usually just from places like Paperchase or Papyrus, or some of my favorite designers) and postcards on hand – I often have to send people things through the internal mail system, and I think pretty notecards are nicer than traditional post-its (plus they make me happy!). And I enjoy correspondence with friends and family all over the world, so postcards are an easy way to show them where I’ve been lately (even if I don’t send it from the location, oops!). I also tried out the “make-your-own-cards” thing with a picture I took a few years ago and have always wished I could turn into cards…

  3. My go-to source for blank cards is stationery stores the world over! Everywhere I’ve lived, like DC or Philadelphia or now LA, has beautiful old school stationery stores that stock beautiful cards that I buy singly or in sets. I also enjoy stationery tourism whenever I travel somewhere. My husband says that I can find any stationery store within a 1 mile radius and he’s probably correct.

    I also enjoy looking at cards in museum shops as well.

    Letterpress and engraved cards are my favorite and ones that are made of thick quality cardstock are a close second. And yes, I do have a stash. It’s a pretty large one, actually, since I buy more than I send. Alas.

  4. I tend to buy blank cards every time I’m at the grocery store so that I always have something on hand to send my seven year old niece and eight year old nephew, or just for letters in general. Of course, my stash has gotten crazy over the years but as many letters as I write to people, it gets used quickly.

  5. I never really bought cards unless I absolutely had to – birthdays, holidays… you probably know the drill. But over the past year I’ve gathered up about 400 postcards total, simply because there were a few, uh, misunderstandings between me and my friends as to what I wanted for my birthday. I actually think it’s pretty nice to be able to write a message on the back of a postcard and attach it to a present… a little bit more personal and unique than a card you’d buy at a pharmacy!

  6. I always browse at card racks, in card shops – but generally not the Hallmark stuff. Recycled Paper Products, other independent producers, – and keep a stash at home. Of course, I can never find them when I need them, so I go to a store and buy more… I also keep some interesting postcards but prefer notecards or greeting cards for the privacy of the envelope. And if I find cards that really speak to me, I buy two or three – to keep at least one for myself. I haven’t framed any yet, but intend to…

  7. Unicef are my go-to for blank cards. Beautiful cards, reasonable price and all proceeds to a fabulous charity. I generally buy several packs at the start of the year, to have as birthday and general correspondence cards, so I always have a card to use.

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