Contest of the month: Squareback notebooks

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For our first contest of the new year, we’re raffling off a new product from the Clairefontaine 1951 “Back to Basics” collection: the Squareback notebook.

The name is somewhat puzzling given that we’re talking about rectangular notebooks with diamond-patterned covers, but nonetheless, we’ve got 33 (!) to give away. The ones up for grabs are 3.5″ x 5.5″ with stapled bindings and 90g paper. There are 7 color covers (black, red coral, green, turquoise, blue, raspberry and purple), but I’m afraid that, to simplify things, we’ll just send a random color to each winner.

Enter by Wednesday, January 30 at midnight EST by completing the following form:

UPDATE: Thanks for entering! The contest is now closed — here are our winners.

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  1. Could you make a planner with a cardboard cover like these ones seem to have? I would buy it! Can’t be more expensive than those with a plastic cover either.

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