2013 Directions

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Leah and I have some plans for 2013:  

-We are going to take every one of our planners (34 in all) and discuss their specific format, tools, quirks, advantages and history. As part of this, we want to solicit feedback from readers who use or have used them.

-Each week, I am going to take a customer question or complaint and that has come in via the blog or Quo Vadis website and address it on the blog.   If one person has a question or a problem with a product, then other people do, too.

– Offer a monthly product raffle on Quo Vadis Blog, and special offers on our Facebook page.

-Get input from our readers on potential new products, cover styles and covers.

I look forward to a good year together!   Your suggestions for topics, collaborative projects, profiles and raffles would be appreciated.


4 thoughts on “2013 Directions

  1. Missed the last month due to an office move/refurbishment, which is why I carry your calendars instead of relying on electronics!

    This year it’s a Rhodia weekly so it’ll be portable, as opposed to the Journal 21 or ABP-1 I preferred when I was in one place more.

  2. My favorites are the IB Traveller and the Space 17, but I do sometimes wish that the best of each could be combined in one. ALSO: I wish those planner refills were available with 6 holes punched to fit a Filofax!

  3. What great ideas! I’ll make sure to stay tuned. FYI, I have tried Space 24, Notor, and Note 27. All three were great, but Space 24 is best overall for my needs.

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