The Haint at Ferny Creek – Part 5

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Strangling Ada

Bethany H. wraps up our collective ghost story this morning. (Read chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 first.) Below, I’ve posted Kate’s last paragraphs, along with Bethany’s continuation.

You’ve got bigger problems, Billy said solemnly. The ghost of Ferny Creek’s angriest murderer is after you.

But why?! I exclaimed. All I did was spend the night in a gross old house because my stupid car got stuck in the stupid mud in stupid Ferny Creek! Why does from jerk from the Outhouse and moonshine days want to kill me?

Billy’s shoulders slumped. That’s what I’m here to find out. …

… How did you even know he was here? I asked confused.

Oh right, that… it’s a long story, he replied.

I don’t care how long a story it is! Also if you knew this ghost why didn’t you come and help me any of the other two times? I exclaimed.

No need to get all hot and bothered, he mumbled.

I was almost killed three times by the same ghost that you apparently know about, and only attempted to help me on the ghost’s third attempt at my life, and that is no reason to get angry and upset? I roared.

Well there is that, he mumbled. Well alright. My mother was a descendant of the Harrisons. Although she knew that what her ancestor did was wrong she also thought what was done to him was unjust. Before she died she asked me if I could do something to help his soul rest.

Alright, that is all well and good, but why didn’t you help before? And why haven’t you tried to anything before now? I questioned insensitively.

I have tried to help his soul before now, but I couldn’t figure out what to do, he replied.

Why didn’t you help me BEFORE? I asked for the third time. He mumbled something incoherent.

What? I asked annoyed.

I was too drunk, happy now? He said loudly. I couldn’t help laughing.

So what now? I asked.

I have no idea. He replied.

Well aren’t you helpful, I responded.

Well how have you gotten the ghost away from others? I asked.

I haven’t. They either died or went far away, he replied.

Then we’re back where we started, I half asked half said.

We should find out why he is targeting you, Billy said Are you a descendent of the Cantons?

I have absolutely no idea, I said. I haven’t paid much attention to my ancestors and my parents didn’t say anything about them either, I added after he gave me an exasperated look.

Well then I guess I can’t help you, he said, turning to leave.

What the heck? I asked. Don’t you want to help the ghost?

I need a drink, I can’t think straight somewhat sober, he replied.

So you are going to leave me alone and have that ghost kill me? I asked.

He probably won’t come back.

And how do you know THAT? I yelled. He just shrugged and walked out. Well that was rather pointless. I just knew that that the ghost was going to kill me tonight I just knew. I couldn’t think of any one else to ask to stay with me. I started pacing around in my house until my emotional fatigue made me fall asleep. I dreamt of the possessed Carmen. I woke up and my eyes flew open. Nothing was there, but something was on my chest, something terribly heavy. I felt fingers around my throat that increased force every second, slowly making the pain worse and worse. You look the most like that witch. Whispered a low and fleeting voice I never ravished her. I wanted to scream, I wanted to beg, I wanted to fight, but I could not bring myself to do anything. You will be suffocated just like her. I did not feel scared anymore. It was almost as though I should die. I deserved it. My head started to blank and I heard one last sentence: You are the last.

Billy Saint Patten came in time just to see the life leave the girl. He felt remorseful, but he also had figured (with his drink) that she must have been a Canton, and that if she was a Canton then if she died it would help Caleb’s soul to rest. He was correct, for as soon as the girl died, Caleb turned to Billy and said My revenge is complete. I can finally rest. In a shroud of light the ghost disappeared forever.

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