Living in color

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Thanks to Laurie for the photo!

Here’s a question that came to us via Facebook recently, for map users: color or black and white? That is, given a choice, do you have a preference or does it not matter?

And, because we live in a world of tradeoffs, would you be willing to pay more for colorful maps?

4 thoughts on “Living in color

  1. For me the colour world maps are an absolute must. Otherwise any make of diary will do. It is what originally attracted me to Quo Vadis pocket diaries.I have had Q V with the black and white maps (ordered in error thinking all Q V diaries had colour maps) and I put it in the bin. My diary is with me every day of the year and I want colour maps as a pocket geography reference in my business and family life. The paper and construction are also important. My notes must remain legible and I would be cross if my diary falls apart because i actually use it as a pocket diary. when the maps stop being in colour I for one, will no longer buy Q V.

  2. Black and white is fine. Given the lack of detail possible in such a small space and my fairly good knowledge of geography, I rarely use them.

    I’d rather have the calendars expanded. The yearly are so tiny as it is that it’s almost impossible to jot even an abbreviation with the finest pencil.

  3. I love maps in planners, and I use them but I realize not everyone does. I know most people look at maps on their phone or laptop, but I don’t have a smartphone so I like having maps and other reference info handy in my planner. I would happily pay more for full-color maps.

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