Holiday Traditions – Old & New

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December is a month full of holiday traditions.  

For me, these holiday traditions include taking time every Sunday night during Advent to light the candles on our Advent wreath, and meditate on the season in their gentle glow.   I also set up my “Cecil B. DeMille” Nativity scene, which grows every year as I as add more angels, shepherds and animals from yard sales, flea markets and toy stores.   Lori, Robert and I also enjoy an annual family Christmas event together.   In past years, it has been an Islanders or Devils hockey game, The Nutcracker, or Wintuk by Cirque du Soleil.   This year, we are going to see “Glengarry Glen Ross” with Al Pacino.

Sometimes we start “new” traditions.   A few years ago, we started “The Feast of the Seven Shrimp” celebrating Lori’s Italian heritage, but without the clams she is allergic to!   This year, a new tradition I plan to add is making from scratch Norwegian rice pudding.   (This receipe from The Country Basket sounds terrific.! Click here.)   Another Christmas Eve tradition we always observe is put out special treats out for the animals–which in my case will be birds and bunnies, and maybe a deer or two.

What are your holiday traditions this month?





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  1. No matter what, I always watch A Muppet Christmas Carol at some point in December. It’s my favorite Muppets, Christmas, Christmas Carol-adaptation, Michael Caine movie 🙂
    My family used to make an annual trek to downtown Philadelphia for the light show at Wanamaker’s and then lunch and Santa at Strawbridge’s. The details have been tweaked slightly (Wanamaker’s is now Macy’s, Santa is part of a Christmas Village/Dickens’ exhibit up there, and we go to lunch at a friend’s restaurant) and now all the kids involved are my nieces, nephews, and cousins’ children 🙂

  2. This is actually a fairly slack time in the Baha’i calendar with 2 feasts, but no holy days after an action-packed November. It gives me an opportunity to prove a place of serenity and escape for my over-stressed friends whose religions have commercialized observances this month.

    I love to turn on a station that has beautiful Christmas music and carry on the family tradition of cruising the neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights and decorations.

  3. Well I just recently bought an angel chime- we’ve had an original in my family for almost 40 years and we always made a contest out of seeing who could remember how to put the thing together. Usually I won;) So now my husband and I have one to start our own tradition. We always watch White Christmas each year and we always listen to Elvis when we put the tree up. For the past couple of years our nativity scene has been lacking a Joseph, but hopefully we can find one this year. Anyway that our tradition.

  4. We’ve always read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-21. As our girls got older they took turns reading the passage. In a year or two we look forward to our granddaughter, Sarah, reading a part too.

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