Gift idea: Poo Poo paper

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Waste not, want not: for those of you looking for a novel gift for the kids in your life, consider doing as I did, a few years ago, and pick up some Poo Poo paper. Made from animal dung, the paper is thick and toothy and perfect for little art projects. It’s also sure to interest kids when they learn about where it came from.

From the Poo Poo Paper website:

Elephants, horses, cows, donkeys, pandas, and other animals eat large amounts of fibrous vegetation everyday. They also have relatively inefficient digestive systems which means that when they poo (it’s not gross since these animals don’t eat meat, fish, cheese and other stinky things) it’s filled with lots of intact fiber. Well, this fiber makes for great pulp for paper making.

Pictured above is an elephant dung notebook I bought years ago for my niece; I figured the holidays were a good time to blog about it. In case you’re curious, I wrote her name with my Waterman Phileas, and there was neither show- nor bleed-through.

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