December 21, 2012

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Is Friday our last day here?

Speculations over the end of the Earth have been based on the Mayan calendar, which is set to end its thirteenth 394-year cycle, called baktuns, on December 21, 2012.   According to some interpretations, the Mayans predicted astronomical disasters that would destroy the Earth. One key claim is that a 12th planet in our solar system, called Nibiru and orbiting our the sun every 3,600 years, will ram into Earth and destroy it.

French officials have banned access to Pic de Bugarach, a mountain which believers claim will be refuge from ‘Mayan apocalypse.” The mountain will burst open on December 21 to reveal an alien spaceship which will save those nearby.

The mayor of the 189-person village at the base of Pic de Bugarach, Jean-Pierre Delord. said people had been coming to the village for the past 10 years or so in search of alien life following a post in an UFO review by a local man, who has since died. “He claimed he had seen aliens and heard the humming of their spacecraft under the mountain,” he said. The internet abounds with tales of mysterious digs conducted by the Nazis and later Mossad, the Israeli secret service.

A visit to Bugarach is said to have inspired Steven Spielberg in his film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” – although the actual mountain he used is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. It is also where Jules Verne found the entrance and the inspiration for “A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.”

Recently, however, interest in the site had skyrocketed, said the mayor, with UFO websites advising people to seek shelter in Bugarach as the countdown to Armageddon commences. “Many come and pray on the mountainside. I’ve even seen one man doing some ritual totally nude up there,” said Mayor Delord.

Although “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” would be more appropriate, when the world ends I will be in a theater watching “The Hobbit.” Where will you be?   Anyone planning an end-of-the-world party?

Valerie Austin, a retired Briton from Newcastle who settled in Bugarach 22 years ago who said the alien watchers were spoiling the village atmosphere. “You can’t go for a peaceful walk anymore. It’s a beautiful area, but now you find people chanting lying around meditating.” Although she described the alien claims as “total rubbish”, she said there was nevertheless something special about the place.

“It has a magnetic force in the scientific sense of the word. There is a special feeling here, but if I really believed the world were about to end, I’d have a whale of a time over the next two years” rather than look for salvation, she said.

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