The Haint at Ferny Creek – Part 3

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Our collective ghost story is back this morning with an installment by Jennie Sissler. (Read chapter 1 and chapter 2 first.) Below, I’ve posted Linda’s last paragraph, along with Jennie’s continuation.

After nearly an hour of repeating the horrific details of the last few hours and expressing my believe that the haint had returned and was after me, I leaned back into the back of my settee totally exhausted but at the same time, strangely liberated. I knew that Carmen would not think me psychotic and would stay so that I could sleep. Surprisingly, my dear friend reached over to my sofa table and picked up my leather bound journal and favorite fountain pen, a Pregnant Parker whose Mother-of-Pearl body and gold trimmed glistened atop the deep mahogany table top. She ordered me to just start drawing, anything I could remember about tonight or the night in her home. I sat for a few moments and then put my pen to paper, the smooth extra fine nib danced across the paper as if powered by the hand of days long past … deep wine colored ink creating images that I did not recognize. When I finished, I handed the journal to Carmen and waited for a response. It only took a moment of Carmen glancing at the pages I handed her before she …

… began to tell me the story of the founding of Ferny Creek. In 1893, four families “ the Cantons, the Alexanders, the Harrisons and the Olesons “ founded the village of Ferny Creek as an idyllic retreat from the rigors of city life. The Cantons ran the village inn (which was the house that Carmen had grown up in and I had stayed in) and, for a reason long lost to time, they had a feud with the Harrison family. At first, the violence was relatively low-key. Rude gestures were made, rocks were thrown at windows and names were called, but the feud escalated into something nobody could have predicted. The youngest Canton girl, Ellie, had found herself in the family way, but nobody knew who the father of her child was. She insisted that she had been assaulted by Caleb Harrison, although there were rumors swirling through Ferny Creek that he had been her lover and they had gotten caught up in a moment of careless passion. Whatever the reason, it had dire consequences. In a fit of blind rage, Caleb and his friends Michael Alexander and Edward Oleson broke into the Canton inn, determined to teach Ellie a lesson. Caleb strangled her and the other boys slaughtered the family so there would be no witnesses, leaving the house drenched in blood and death. What they didn’t know was that the youngest Canton, a twelve year old girl named Margaret had hidden in her closet when she heard the violent struggle. She knew exactly what had happened. On her testimony the boys were hanged in the town square, and before the noose was placed around his neck, Caleb swore revenge against future generations of the Caton family…

Yikes! Check back next week for the next hair-raising chapter.

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  1. Thanks for the support Sandra. It was fun trying to figure out exactly where this story was going…I’m looking forward to the next installment too!

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