Green-Wood cemetery

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For the past few weeks, we’ve been living with friends near Green-Wood Cemetery, which is one of those New York City landmarks I’ve always wanted to visit and never gotten to. It was founded in 1838 and is “home” to lots of prominent New Yorkers, from Boss Tweed to Leonard Bernstein.

In a cemetery, though, the individuals are never as impressive as the collective: the names, the gravestones and mausoleums… And when it comes to the collective, Green-Wood does not disappoint. It’s huge — even though it’s a block away from where we’re staying, I had to walk for more than a mile to get to the entrance on Fifth Avenue. Both paved and unpaved paths wind through the hilled terrain. Had I thought ahead, I would have packed a picnic, but after an hour’s worth of walking, I was ready to walk the mile back to our temporary home and make myself a big sandwich.

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