Congrats to our winners!

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With apologies for the delay — I was too engrossed in our reader-written ghost story to think about planners or contests — I’ve run the numbers and selected the following lucky winners for our Thanksgiving giveaway:

  • Alice
  • Pat A.
  • Ron L.
  • Randi Z.
  • Kelly M.
  • Dave M.
  • Jarek N.
  • Michelle T.
  • Melinda P.
  • Hyun Joo I.
  • Kyle D.
  • Elaine W.
  • Marji
  • Karen P.
  • Amber D.
  • Samuel R.
  • Ashli K.
  • Liz K.
  • Marion
  • Peter M.

If you’re name’s on this list, be on the lookout for an email from Karen. If it’s not, don’t worry — the holidays are coming soon and we’re in a generous mood.

Many thanks to all who entered!

14 thoughts on “Congrats to our winners!

  1. Got mine Saturday after a hard day’s work in the yard. Thanks! I felt like Ralphie’s old man in A Christmas Story – “it’s a major award…”

  2. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay — Karen just got your planners from our warehouse and is going to ship them out as soon as she can. Since she already has your mailing addresses, she may not email you all first, but if you don’t receive your prizes within a couple weeks (hopefully sooner), write to us and let us know.

  3. Thank you so much. (And this so happened to be posted on my birthday!) I’ll eagerly await an email. Thanks again. I do love my Tri-note planner!

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