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Well, so much for my blithe optimism — Sandy did quite a number on the tri-state area, and our basement was no exception. Our books, stacked up high in anticipation of a few feet of water, were pulped when the shelves that housed them peeled apart and fell. A cheap plywood door was shredded right off of its hinges. Compost blew in from the backyard, and a spare hockey glove landed outside near the tomatoes. Needless to say, the place is uninhabitable, and in any event, 10 days after the storm, there’s still no heat or electricity.

Still, there are plenty of others who fared far worse than we, and who aren’t as fortunate to have friends on higher ground who can house us till we’re back on our feet. The city’s generosity has really been overwhelming, even if for many in public housing, it isn’t nearly enough.

Here’s hoping your loved ones are safe and warm and dry!

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  1. Late to see this, but I feel your pain. My childhood home looked like this in 2004 when 3 hurricanes sailed across Florida in one year and every tree in the yard dropped through the roof. I wish I could send you all the patience you’re going to need!

  2. Dear Leah and Karen, a short but so sincer comment to say to you how much all the frenchs fan about the quo vadis US blog are so sad about all the traumatic events arrived in New York. Thinking of you, of course !

  3. There is nothing like a traumatic event to make you realize what really counts! I’m glad you have your health and friends. My prayers are with you and all the others who are suffering, and I hope you are back to normal in record time!

  4. So sorry to hear this. Whenever disaster strikes, there will always be people better off and worse off than you. The important thing is *you*. I’m glad you have helpful friends, but give yourself some time to take in your losses. This is a big deal. Good luck. Warm, dry, restorative thoughts coming your way!

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