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I’ve written before about open window season and the various things — animals, cars, and people — you overhear. In New York, a cold front brought our windows to a close this weekend, but not before I began to think, in particular, about the conversations I’ve been privy to. Hearing fragments makes it impossible not to speculate about the rest of the story, and I’m sure I’m not the only writer who draws inspiration from these random sources. Who is “he”? What happened last year? Is she, in fact, being clingy? I’ve never based an entire piece on something overheard, but I’ve definitely incorporated characters and voices.

Do you incorporate “found objects” into your own writing?

2 thoughts on “Sound and inspiration

  1. I do sometimes! I’m always saying that “there’s poetry in there somewhere.” Lately I’ve been using news reports to write poetry, whether it’s about blue honey and love padlocks in France or a 14 year old shot in the head because she had the audacity to think she’s equal to everyone else. There’s poetry and stories all around us, if we really look at things.

  2. Oh YES! Being a writer, I can’t help but listen to conversations happening around me. And I watch people. Sometimes you see them doing something so strange (yet given the casual, smooth way it was done it was clearly not unusual for them) that you have to write it down and a story starts swirling around it.

    Anyone who has a creative life will do the same, really.

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