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Do you use an online calendar with your paper planner?

If so, which one–Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Keep and Share…?

Several people in my office use MS Outlook, and two use Apple Calendar.   I have tried Apple Calendar, but since it doesn’t snyc with the daily to-do list on my iPhone, this calendar is of limited usefulness. The to-do list is a more important part of my day than the  calendar.

If you do use both paper and online, do you find it a lot of work keeping up two calendars?   Do they have separate uses or different efficiencies?

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11 thoughts on “Online Calendars

  1. I love the size (and leather cover) of the Quo Vadis pocket business calendar (10 x 15 cm). I use Google calendar for myself, my family, my work, my other work — very nice to be able to toggle the several different layers of info I use!

    I am fairly tired of having to note things twice or more. There are enough times I’m without online (or local) access to the google calendar that I still have to (as I prefer reading paper to reading smartphones). (We have to have a wall calendar too…)

    So … I’m trying to find a a way to export my iCal data (from google calendar as it happens) into a paper template I can merge, print, and insert. (If I can’t find one, I’ll code one –maybe with Google API and PHP, but that won’t help me in the short term and is pretty low priority unfortunately). Suggestions welcome!

  2. I use Outlook because I have to use it for work. (Plus my partner is on the same system, so that we can see each other’s schedules)

  3. Google Calendar plus a Moleskine. I don’t sync the calendar with my Android, I just set up SMS messaging for certain event reminders. I use Teuxdeux for things that don’t have to be done on a specific day.

  4. I use Outlook at work because we’re required to use it. I keep all my personal appointments in a paper planner with a pocket in the back because it’s quicker to enter info there, I can slip appointment cards in the pocket, and I love paper planners. I also enter some appointments into a Google Calendar-based iPhone app, if I want reminders.

  5. Outlook to synch with my computer and iPhone because I love the alarms. Paper calendars because they don’t crash, I can take fast notes on them and they fit neatly in my purse.

  6. I use google calendar and iCal electronically but for paper I have my ABP 1. I like the convenience of digital and the experience of Quo Vadis paper.

  7. I use iCal for my electronic calendar. But I use Reminders on my iPad/iMac/iPodTouch for ToDo lists. It all syncs via iCloud and works quite well.

    Although I have to admit I tend to use paper more than electronic calendars and Todo’s these days, it’s quicker!

  8. I use Google calendar synched to Calvetica on my iPhone; at work I use Outlook; AND I keep a paper Filofax. Why? Because where I work mandates security such that I cannot access my mobile phone or my Google calendar during the work day, or sync my phone to my work Outlook calendar, so the only thing I can use to keep track of events between the systems is to copy everything from work into the Filofax, and from Calvetica into the Filofax, and just get used to it. Completely inefficient, but it does force me to review my calendars regularly.

  9. I use my Space 24 for my personal planner, and MS Outlook at work for contacts, meetings, tasks, etc. and to interface with my colleague’s electronic calendars. I will never give up my paper planner! There’s nothing like being able to actually interact with the paper and pen, especially when the paper is Clairefontaine!

  10. I use iCal and have both my business and gmail calendars plus my husbands gmail imported. I like that it syncs with my iPhone and iPad. I also use a Moleskine large weekly. I like to plan out my week in more detail and keep my weekly to do list in there. I am self employed so I don’t have to worry about a separate work system which makes it easier. I like capturing things and tracking my running in the Moleskine as well.

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