Friday review roundup

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A notebook, a planner — this Friday’s reviews are crisp, clean, and simple.

  • Over at Plannerisms, Laurie has selected the planner she’ll use for 2013… and it’s the not-dead-yet ABP/1! Awkward name, smart planner. “And it just keeps getting better.” Indeed.
  • Finepoints posts first impressions of a Habana bought after “frustration and bitterness brought on by cheap-ass paper.” The (snap) verdict? “With the solid construction and quality paper it’s a good notebook. A VERY good notebook…”

2 thoughts on “Friday review roundup

  1. I just ordered my 2013 Notor (with unique orange Equology cover sold separately) from Ed at Classic Office Products. Fantastic customer service, and he has ABP/1 in stock. So there ya go! And by the way, it’s 75 and sunny here in Santa Barbara in case you want to get away for awhile 🙂

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