End of a Wonderful Time

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For the last two years I have run lighthouse cruises for the East End Seaport Museum in Greenport, NY.   This past Saturday, October 6th was my last cruise.   Our last cruise of the season is called “The Chowder Cruise.”   Since fall weather can be brisk, we treat everyone to homemade New England clam chowder during the trip.   Saturday’s weather was sunny and in the high ’60s, but everyone loved the chowder anyway.   One participant told me she would go on the trip just for the chowder.   So would I!

Haunted lighthouses are my favorites, including Plum Island, Race Rock and New London Ledge.   This past June a paranormal investigating team came to our lighthouse, Long Beach Bar “Bug” Light in Orient, NY and found we have a ghost, too! It is Brownie, the last lighthouse keeper’s dog.   She died (they said of a broken heart) two weeks after the government closed the lighthouse and they moved to shore.   Brownie had been born on a lighthouse, and lived all her life on them.   Our own ghost dog!   How cool is that!

My good friend, Clem, the Rants of the Archer blogger, is also a big fan of lighthouses.   Over the years she has sent me postcards of lighthouses in the Philippines, including Cape Bojeador Light House and Bantanes Island Light House.   They have a permanent place of honor on my bulletin board.   Thanks again, Clem!

Do you have a favorite lighthouse?   Let us know.

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  1. That is so cool! (And so sad — poor Brownie. I hope people who visit give her lots of attention.)

    Lighthouses fascinate me – then again, I grew up on Long Island, so there you go 😀 Was it the TAPS team from Ghost Hunters? I want to watch the episode when they air it, if so.

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