Dot Habana?

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The idea was suggested to us by a Canadian reader, though I gather it came up in the comments to an earlier post: How about a dot Habana? For those of you who prefer the size (or cover colors) of the Habana over Rhodia’s Webbie, but want to experiment with dots, does this sound like the best of both worlds?

I can’t promise anything, but I’m curious to see what others think!

13 thoughts on “Dot Habana?

  1. OMGosh YES! Quo Vadis is my favorite of the notebooks, but these days I’m using dot grid more and more.

  2. Oh please for the love of God let there be a dot grid Habana! It would be nice to have more ruling options (and colors for that matter). A narrow line spacing would be wonderful! Also faint dot colors would be good as a lot of dot grid users mostly use the dots as a guideline and prefer them to be light in color so as to not hinder what they are writing and or sketching.

  3. I’d love a dot, but why jump on a bandwagon? Be different and help us who write larger – make it 6 not 5.5

  4. YES.

    I’ve been scouring the web for the perfect dotted notebook. Leuchtturm has the features I want, Rhodia has the paper quality I want, and Quo Vadis has the form factor I want (6.25″x9.25″). Presumably Quo Vadis has the paper quality as well, but without a dot format, it’s out of the running.

    While page numbers and table of contents would be nice, and I like the lighter color of Leuchtturm paper with its unobtrusive dots, I think a dotted Habana would take the cake for sure. If you added page numbers and ToC, I’d never look back.

    Dots are becoming a widespread favorite, and I think you’d be wise to jump on the bandwagon. Your form factor still distinguishes you from other products in a meaningful way. There is no good way to get an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper in a Moleskine, Leuchtturm, or Rhodia Webbie without jumping up to something like a Leuchtturm Master, which is just huge. Right now, every time someone hands me an 8.5″x11″ sheet (which is still rampant in the US), I have to fold it into thirds and let it stick out the top of my notebook. It’s infuriating. A “compact” Habana would take one folded in half perfectly.

  5. Once you lost the white paper for less fountain pen friendly cream with lines too narrow to be comfortable, you lost me completely. I’m hoarding the few books I have left with the good paper.

    The current products are too expensive when I can get similar meh paper from Leuchtherm in a more user-friendly format at a lower price and a wide range of colors. Corporate took a distinctive, excellent product and buried it in the pack. But then I’ve flogged that topic to death.

    The 100 gsm paper not available in the States shows promise. Perhaps with lines. More on that later…

    • I think the 1917 notebook is the best with pages numbered, table of contents, 2 nice long ribbons, 250 pages, (approx.) and labels for archiving is the one you need to beat. I’m on my fourth one for Bullet journaling, and at this time they have no competition.

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