Dispatch from the City

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First, my thoughts and prayers are with all who were affected by this storm. This includes people who are trying to check on family and friends and are unable to reach them.

It makes me so sad to thinking about the people who lost their homes in the storm and fire in the Rockaways, in Queens.   Over 100 houses burned to the ground. Firefighters had to watch since the hydrants were under water. One of our staff is waiting to hear about his house there. Breezy Point is one of the last big Irish neighborhoods in New York, and was also one of those hardest hit with casualties from 9/11.

I am lucky that I live in an area of Manhattan that has power.   Exaclair also has power, and several of us are in the office today for the next couple of hours.   We will staff the office beginning tomorrow from 8 AM to 5 PM.   Please call or email us – we are here.

Access to the city is still pretty limited and the subways are not running.   They are pumping out seawater from the tunnels and subway lines.

New Yorkers being New Yorkers people are out and about and trying to get on with life. But the feeling is a little reminiscent of 9/11. It is too overwhelming and sad to make sense of anything, so the best thing to do is to resume some semblance of normalcy, and get the city (and ourselves) moving and rumbling again.

Since I grew up in New Jersey, I also feel a sense of solidarity with the people there and mourn their loss since it is my own. When I was small my parents had a place down the shore at Ortley Beach near Seaside Heights.   My sister and I had so many happy times at Casino Pier at Seaside Heights.   The boardwalk with all its charms and delights was one of the happiest places on earth. It is totally destroyed. I still can’t believe it.








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  1. I totally feel the same. While I’ve never lived on the East Coast I’ve always had a deep connection and longing for all things East Coast and Atlantic Ocean. My mother grew up in RI and I have relatives there still. My dad served in the Navy and was stationed in RI. My grandfather crossed the Atlantic from the Azores. My grandmother was born in Fall River, MA. Every summer (and some Christmas) vacations were spent on the East coast. I’ve been up and down the Eastern seaboard; have spent time on the Jersey shore and boardwalk. As much as I love the West coast and all areas of the great USA, my connection to the East coast is uncanny. Fortunately my relatives there were spared but others did not fare so well. My heart sill breaks for those who lost homes, loved ones, etc. I salute the strong people there and look forward to seeing how they rebuild.

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