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The digital world is full of funny noises — dings, pings, and whooshes that alert you to new emails, texts, downloads, appointments, chat requests…

Back when I still used Outlook, I was absolutely dependent on the automatic calendar alerts (dunh-dunh-duhn!) to remind me of work-related calls throughout the day, but now that I’ve switched to Gcal, I can’t really say that I miss them. They were useful, sure, but the day’s already filled with enough distractions and interruptions that I can’t tune out or ignore. And I find it really unnerving when my phone does anything other than vibrate or ring.

What noises or alerts do you use?

2 thoughts on “Ding!

  1. I wear a watch that has 3 alarms. Every weekday I have them set to when it’s time to wake up, our 10 minute warning of when it’s time to leave to take the kids to school, and my ten minute warning in the afternoon when I need to leave to pick them up. That last one is especially important, because otherwise I spend half my afternoon checking my watch to make sure I’m not going to be late picking them up.

    A few months ago my watch died, and I am so reliant on those three alarms I had to get a new watch EXACTLY like it. I was practically nonfunctional without my three daily alarms.

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