Make a list, order it twice

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When I make out my grocery store list, I like to put the items in the order I’ll encounter them in the store — fruits next to vegetables, then the cheese, the packaged goods, bread, and dairy, and back to the other half of the packaged-good aisles for stuff like tissues and shampoo.

Lately, I’ve been trying to enforce a similar concept when I make out my to-do lists, putting the most important tasks at the top, and then working my way down to the stuff that’s lower priority. It can still be difficult to tackle things in that order (so tempting to clean my closet before knocking off a work-related task!), but I’m trying to improve on that front.

Do you prioritize your to-do lists?

One thought on “Make a list, order it twice

  1. I do but only by accident. I always think of them in order of priority of what need’s to be done first, second, etc. so the list is always naturally in order.

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