Bernard Maisner

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I was introduced to Bernard Maisner, “Master Calligrapher, Defender of the Written Word,” in the September 4, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Read the article here.

There were a lot of interesting factoids in the article that caught my attention:

-All but five states (anyone know who they are?) no longer require the teaching of cursive handwriting in public elementary schools.

– Mr. Maisner, calligrapher to the stars and royals, types his letters, and says his own handwriting is a mess.

-His signature script melds Copperplate and Spencerian scripts.

-Mr. Maisner helps to create historical reproductions.   In one instance, he had to write like Lee Harvey Oswald live on camera.   With samples of Oswald’s writing provided by the U.S. National Archives, Maisner was able to deduce the type of pen Oswald favored – a Parker 51.

Bernard Maisner believes that “calligraphy answers a demand for beauty and vitality that technology, however advanced, cannot. Calligraphy, he said, ‘is not meant to reproduce something over and over again. It’s meant to show the humanity, the responsiveness and the variation within.'”

I have never heard the beauty of writing more eloquently expressed.


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