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I’ve written before about the documentary impulse that digital photography seems to have fostered in all of us. It gets even worse with kids, because of course they grow up fast and do a lot of cute things along the way, and there are always friends and relatives who are clamoring for an update.

Since they’re easier to share, I tend to take pictures of my son with my cell phone or iPad rather than my camera. I’ve been meaning to start a scrapbook and take more “proper” photographs, but I never seem to get the time! Maybe when he’s older… like, 18. In the meantime, I’m in awe of people who are together enough to write their children’s milestones down in a diary.

Do you have kids (or pets or adorable friends) whose activities you like to keep up with? What do you do to record the different phases?

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  1. I take a lot of photos, but I also feel compelled to keep a written record of my kids’ lives. When my daughter was born I started writing firsts and significant events (like turning over for the first time and every other little thing she did) in my day per page planner I was using that year, because it was always close at hand so that was a convenient place to write things. Then later I transferred those nuggets into a separate journal book which was designated as a memory book just for her.

    Things got more complicated when my son was born. I kept writing things I wanted to remember into a day per page planner, with the intention of copying things over into their own separate journals. I last did the copying-over when my son was 1 1/2, and now he’s 6! I still have this intention hanging over my head of consolidating everything from all my planners from those years over into their journals. But with the two of them, often those memories and events overlap so I would have to write many things into both of their journals. Maybe some day I’ll get around to catching up on the copying over! In the meantime, I still capture those memories. Currently I’m using a Quo Vadis Textagenda, and I like to use the Notes box at the bottom of each daily page as a designated space to record those memories.

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