Quo Vadis in Australia

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Like Quo Vadis, the global office supply wholesaler, Lyreco, has its roots in France.   It was founded in 1926 by G. Gaspard in the Valanciennes region in the north of France. They expanded globally in the 1970s. (Quo Vadis expanded globally in the 1980s.)

The Australian branch of Lyreco now imports Quo Vadis.   They ordered 2013 editions of President, Executive, Business, IB Traveler and Miniweek.

In the past, the fun retailer, Notemaker, also imported Quo Vadis. The 2013 editions aren’t up on their site yet.

If you are shopping for Quo Vadis in Australia and can’t find what you’re looking for, please write to me and I’ll help.




2 thoughts on “Quo Vadis in Australia

  1. I’m looking for a Quo Vadis diary. academic, Sept.2020/ Sept. 2021, 10×15. Please inform me of the cost and time of delivery. With thanks, Patricia

    • Hi Patricia, this post is several years old and I don’t know if these retailers currently carry Quo Vadis products. Milligram.com used to be the main online Quo Vadis retailer in Australia but they don’t seem to have any on their website right now. You might contact them to see if they are planning to get any stock in. Sorry I don’t have any more information for you. We are the stockist for Quo Vadis products in the USA, so I don’t know much about retailers in other countries. QuoVadis-diaries.co.uk ships internationally and has a great selection, but I don’t know how much it would cost to ship to Australia. You can contact them to ask. I hope this helps! Laurie

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