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I always make sure to carry a notebook in my pocket or bag to capture ideas when I’m on the go. I’ve also got one next to my bed and in the kitchen for jotting down midnight bursts of inspiration and shopping lists, respectively.

Ever since the arrival of my bundle of joy/distraction, however, I’ve had to resort to scattering notebooks throughout the house to make sure I can put my hands (or one hand, as the case may be) on one whenever I might need to. These are true all-purpose pads, serving as a catch all for ideas, to-do lists, and whatever else needs to be remembered, because Lord knows I can’t rely on my memory anymore!

Do you keep random notebooks around your house/apartment?

3 thoughts on “Notebooks everywhere

  1. I lean toward one central location, but find the smaller Rhodia in each room, usually next to the phone, lend themselves toward tearing out those pages to tape into my central location when I can’t get to it in time.

  2. I try to write as many of these types of notes into my planner as I can, to have one central capture location (so I don’t wonder which notebook I wrote it in!). But I do have to have notebooks handy. I keep a small one in my bag (Clairefontaine of course) that goes everywhere with me so even on the days when I didn’t bring my planner I can still capture ideas, lists and to-dos before they escape me.

  3. Yes! Car, purse, kitchen, bedside, close to exercise bike, bathroom – never want to be without something to write on.

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