Motherhood and hands

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There are a lot of new skills to learn as a first-time parent, but here’s one that I didn’t anticipate: doing things with one hand. Say, for example, the baby wakes up hungry just as you’re about to sit down for a meal, or demands to be held while you’re emptying the dishwasher. Slings and carriers make it easier to do chores, but there rare always instances when you find yourself needing to tend to baby with one hand while the other hand does something else.

I wouldn’t say I’ve completely mastered the art of single-handedness, but I’m getting a lot better at it. Ambitdextrousness is clearly the next step.

Are you as good with one hand as two?

2 thoughts on “Motherhood and hands

  1. Belated congratulations on your bundle of distraction! Being caregiver to an elderly family member taught me the value of speakerphones, wet wipes in every room, and a reminder to “adult proof” the house at higher levels than your darling will reach for many years. Diaper changing is the same at every age and God bless the inventer of pull ups.

    Velcro is your friend.

  2. My daughter was one of those babies that had to see what was going on all the time. She was never content to hang out in her bouncy seat or on the floor. So I carried here everywhere around the house. I got really good at doing things with only my right hand. I could even make a sandwich with only one hand!

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