Grid Edition for Habana Notebooks?

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We recently received this request from loyal Quo Vadis customer in New Hampshire:   “Could you please add a graph paper or engineering grid paper to your selection of notebooks.   The lined are great, the unlined also helpful. But a graph paper style, lined or even dot graph would be a great addition for folks who need to do more precise graphs, charts or engineering drawings.”

Before I propose this type of edition, I would like some feedback from you:

-Would you use a grid Habana?

-Large isze or pocket?

-Black cover or other color(s)?

-Grid line color – violet? blue?

I look forward to your feedback!   Thank you.



9 thoughts on “Grid Edition for Habana Notebooks?

  1. YES. YES. YES… A thousand times yes!

    But you already make them, or at least you did a couple of years ago. I know this because I bought several in Spain. Folks at local (NY Metro) stationary store said there is no Habana Grid in the price book.

    Make them and I alone will buy to the break-even point.

  2. If the grid was very light on the page, perhaps, as an alternative to the narrow lining that put me off the newer Habanas. It’s certainly not my first choice. Dots would be better as they don’t feel as restrictive for OBB nibs.

    Colored covers please. Black is so boring and it’s harder to sort project notebooks when everything is the same color and must then be labelled on the spines as well as the front.

    Large, always.

    I prefer fainter lines, whatever color you select, so that my inks pop against them in contrast, rather than competing for attention.

  3. I have purchased a coouple of squared (grid) notebooks from another journal company and have not used these as I though I would have. As an architect, the plain and ruled large sizes seem to fit my need well.

    I do have a ruled pocket Quo Vadis for my random thoughts and I must say that I do like the paper. The next journal that I purchase will be a large ruled as I do like the way your journals take fountain and technical pen inks.

  4. When the options are available, I will ALWAYS buy dot grid first, regular grid second, lined third.

    I’d prefer small, but that’s just because I like all of my notebooks small.

    Colour or black – Black, purple, other darker colours are my preferences.

    Line/dot colour: purple is my preference, but I’m fine with either.

  5. -Would you use a grid Habana? I would–though a dotGrid would be my preference.

    -Large size or pocket? Large

    -Black cover or other color(s)? Color, most definitely!

    -Grid line color – violet? blue? Either would be good.

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