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One of my favorite things about vacationing in Westport are the opportunities it offers for water-based culinary adventures. We don’t fish on a line, but we do lots of shellfish gathering: steamer clams, quahog clams, oysters, and mussels. It’s so satisfying to base a meal on ingredients you’ve actually worked for! And work it often is: you go out at low tide, dig around in the muck or pry things off of rocks… oysters are actually the simplest, provided you know where to find them, since they sit on top of the riverbed near the shore and aren’t often attached too firmly.

Above is a picture my husband took with his phone of our steamer clam appetizer… holding the clam by its dark colored “neck,” you dip it in a bowl of warm water to get rid of any sand, then dunk it in butter and pop it in your mouth. The clams around here barely need the butter — they’re salty-sweet and super juicy — but it’s part of the ritual, so we do it.

Do you hunt or fish?

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