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Should we include a perforated page in our planners as a reminder to go buy your refill for next year?   This tear-out sheet would be located near October 1, which would give the person plenty of time to find it locally (hopefully) or online.

Too many people go to purchase a refill in December or January when stores are sold out.   We also sell out of specific editions by late fall and have no more to ship.

Would a “buy now” or “buy soon” reminder in your planner be helpful or irritating?





4 thoughts on “Do you need a reminder?

  1. These irritate the heck out of me, especially as tearing them out usually ends up ripping or damaging the planner. Why not print a pale colored reminder that can be written over on that page for those who need reminding? I have to plan so far in advance that I’m usually haunting the shops in July looking for the next year so I can transfer the dates I’ve scribbled on the page page of this year’s onto their appropriate pages in the new.

  2. I hate these little reminder tear-off things. It would irritate me rather than be helpful. If someone can’t actually write a reminder in their planner at the appropriate time, I can’t imagine how they can successfully use a planner at all. This would be a waste of paper and space.

  3. Possibly a ‘thank you for buying’ note at the front which includes a ‘why not turn to October 1 and write your first entry now, to remind you to buy next year’s while stocks are plentiful?’
    [This could be a small printed slip between the outside of the cover and the shrinkwrap]

  4. I’ve always like the perforated reminder in a planner. I can even “highlight” so that it a couple of days before, I don’t forget to tear is out. For me, the more reminders, the better (wellll….within reason, of course!)

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