Zombie Races

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Here’s something to put on your calendar: Zombie races!   You can find a location and read more about them at Run For Your Lives. There’s even a video to watch which reminded me a little of “The Blair Witch Project.”

“Run For Your Lives” is zombie infested 5K obstacle course race.   It is held in a variety of locations.   Reed Street Productions, formed by two friends in their 20s, is organizing the races. They held their first race last year near Baltimore and unexpectedly drew 12,000 people. 13 similar events are scheduled in 2013 in cities from Boston to Los Angeles.   Next year, they hope to double that amount.

Derrick Smith, a co-founder of Reed Street Productions was asked, “Why a zombie race?” “We came up with the name, and we said, ‘Well, what do people run from?’ We figured zombies was going to be a pretty popular idea,” he said.

It costs $87 to enter the race – $25 if you want to be a zombie.   Zombies get a free make-up job, and a complimentary beer at the end of the race.

If any of our readers enters a race and wins (or does pretty well!), contact us for a prize!

Good running!







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