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I received this paper-affirming message this morning from a Quo Vadis customer in Ohio:

“Despite working in the world of technology and possessing a range of portable (and not so portable) devices, when attending conferences I have yet to find any method of taking notes that is faster that using my Quo Vadis Habana notebook and a fountain pen. The paper is quick drying and so I don’t have to slow down as I turn the page. And something not to be underestimated is the simple, esthetic pleasure of seeing brown ink against ivory paper, which has a human quality about it that pixels on screen cannot emulate. Flipping back though the pages of a journal is a fundamentally different experience from scrolling through computer-based documents.”

What is the key value for you in taking notes?–emotional gratification or efficiency?   Do you find yourself moving pack to paper–or away from it–as the world goes more digital? Do you prefer to take some notes in longhand and use a keyboard for others?   For example, I prefer to do planning with a paper pad and fountain pen, but write to-do lists and blog posts on the computer.

2 thoughts on “Taking Notes

  1. I have to echo Jen as far as the way it helps me remember and add that I cannot type as fast as I can write longhand. Besides, it is so much easier than messing around turning the device on, checking & watching the battery level, worrying about wifi & all the distractions that brings, etc.

    Give me pen & paper or give me… someway to get out of the meeting entirely!

  2. Interesting post this morning. I pretty much do everything longhand because it a) reinforces material that I need to remember b) helps me work my way out of a creative jam c) keeps me from getting too distracted by other things and d) all of the above. I wish I could write all my blog posts on the computer, but when I really think about it, I’d miss the feeling of the pen in my hand and the paper beneath it if I wrote solely on the computer.

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