Smart Phones and Planners

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A 28-year-old attorney I know continues to use a Monthly 4 in addition to his two iPhones (one personal, one work) plus his two Macs.

Since he is such a big Apple fan, and seems to rely on his phone and apps for everything, I was curious as to why he was so faithful to the Monthly 4? He said he liked the security of a written record, and to see his whole month at a single glance. He said writing things down helps him to remember them. He is not a fountain pen user, so he doesn’t have the same romance with paper.

Do you use a paper planner in addition to your electronic calendar? If so, how do you manage both that they complement one another? Is one efficient and the other emotionally satisfying?

3 thoughts on “Smart Phones and Planners

  1. Count me as paper-planner only as well. I keep track of my work hours, any special events, and weather each day. The electronic version in my iPhone gets almost no use except when I’m traveling.

  2. I used to be a big electronic calendar person, but I tend towards paper only these days. Pen and Paper is much quicker to look up and enter than any electronic calendar.

    I had the usual syncing issues, appointments disappearing etc with electronic calendars, it’s got better with iCloud and iCal but paper wins the day for me every time…

    The only thing I use electronic calendars for is to print them out as blank templates to put in my planner!

  3. I am attorney too, and I am also using paper planners. Take notes in every meeting and so on.

    Digital planners and notes are kind of “cold” looking. I don’t like to review them after a while.

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