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We recently received this email from a customer in Houston, TX:   “I want to order planner refills from you directly as I did last year.   How do I do it? I am not interested in interfacing with a retailer. All I want to do, is to do business.   You have a confusing web site.”

We must be asked by phone and email 5x a week (20x a day throughout the fall) to buy refills or planners directly from Exaclair.   People are sure they ordered directly from us last year.

But we have never sold directly to consumers.   We try to refer consumers to either a retailer close to them; or a retailer we know that carries a lot of stock and can fill a phone order right away.

We made the decision to stay out of direct sales so we don’t compete with our retail customers.   We’re aware it would be slightly more convenient for consumers to order directly from us; and we know it is an extra step to connect to a retailer.   However, it takes less than 10 seconds to do so, and online visitors are seamlessly connected directly to the planner they are looking to purchase by clicking on a retailer name.   Later this month, I will also add a Buy Now button to each product page for Refills Only to make that transaction easier and faster.

Retailers who sell our planners online, in their store, or take phone orders can be found on the “Buy” page our website.

Where we do work directly with consumers is when we get requests for help–lost or destroyed planners, authors that need a datebook from several years ago to plot out a book; and so on.   Where we can help out we do – but that’s different than sales.

Your input is welcome.   Please let me know your thoughts and feelings on this issue.





4 thoughts on “Quo Vadis Refills

  1. Hi,

    I would like to buy a refill of 21″ within a various range of possibilities: prestige, planning, …

    Is there any website that clearly show all the refills that are available?

    Thank you for a quick answer if possible

  2. I have had very efficient, friendly service with Classic Office Products. And even though my order is small, they treated me wonderfully. The order arrived promptly also. I highly recommend them!

  3. Michael, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I also received some emails on this blog post. We have tentatively decided to start selling refills online in 2013 from quovadisplanners.com We will continue to encourage people to patronize our retailers, but we will also backstop our customers’ needs for refills when they need them.

  4. I was surprised to see this comment from Quo Vadis. As a user, I will say that my ONLY complaint with Quo Vadis is the amount of work required to obtain planners and refills. I realize and respect the fact that Quo Vadis is trying to support retailers, but often the support from the retailer is lacking. Many items are not available, out of stock, or delivery is delayed. It is not unusual to wait up to a month to get a refill.

    Quo Vadis has a serious distribution issue, which obviously is costing the company lost sales every year. There are just too many other reliable options for consumers to choose from. I finally had to switch back to my old planner system.

    The comments above seem to indicate a disconnect between Quo vadis and it’s retailers and customers. I’m sure that at certain times of the year, the “10 second” rule applies. But in my experience, ordering a Quo Vadis product was rarely a 10 second exercise.

    I really hope that Quo Vadis comes up with a more reliable, modern distribution system that enables consumers to purchase your product. If you’re getting 20 calls a day in the fall, that should tell you that buying your product from your current retail partners is unusually difficult at best.

    When Quo vadis decides to sell direct, I (and countless others I assume) will begin using your product again. Literally, one year I ordered 3 planners from 3 retailers, in hopes that one would arrive before the new year started.

    I for one hope this situation improves soon. I love Quo Vadis planners, and would like to start using them again.

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