Planners with Monthly Calendars

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We have received several emails in the past week asking about weekly planners with monthly calendars.   We do offer them, but not in every planner.

Weekly planners with monthly planning calendars include:   Hebdo Planning, Space 24, Visual and Space 17.

Daily planners with monthly planning calendars include:   Daily Pocket & Journal 21.

Weekly planners with blank notes pages at the start of a month include Sapa X and Sapa X Academic.

If you currently use a planner without monthly calendars and want to see them included, please let me know what edition you use, and what pages you would be willing to eliminate in order to have more planning pages.   Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Planners with Monthly Calendars

  1. I would love to see monthly pages in the Weekly Scholar 17. I’d totally give up all of address book pages and maps for monthly pages!!!

  2. I love my Note 27. I was actually lamenting the lack of monthly calendars this morning. IMHO, I could definitely go without the expense pages and probably the maps to make room.

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