Origin of the Name “Quo Vadis”

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The inventor of the “agenda planning” format, Dr. F. G. Beltrami, tried to sell his idea to the leading (and apparently, only) manufacturer of agendas in France. They declined to work with him. He cast around for another way to realize his dream.

Dr. Beltrami decided to publish his invention, and looked around for a place to do so. He decided to accept a position as head of a publishing house that needed revitalizing. The name of this firm happened to be Quo Vadis.

“The company was founded before the first World War and was proud of a long history,” he said. “I immediately liked the name. Quo Vadis means “where are you going” in Latin.

I had always thought the Quo Vadis name–where are you going–was a clever reflection of Dr. Beltrami’s creation – the ability to see and plan your week at a glance.

Nope.   It was the name of the publishing company Dr. Beltrami acquired to publish his planning diary.

One other suprise….the first edition published was not the Trinote, but the Minister.

2 thoughts on “Origin of the Name “Quo Vadis”

  1. “Quo Vadis” is a quote from a legend from the first christians. According to the legend, St. Peter- just Peter then, is leaving Rome because the Christians were being persecuted and killed. While leaving Rome, Jesus appears to him, coming in the opposite direction, walking toward the city. Peter asks him: “Quo Vadis”? Where are you going? and Jesus answers: To Rome, to be crucified again”, which Peter understands as a message that he has to go back and continue his ministry, and he does. There is a place in Rome where you can “see his feet” in the ground. Turisty. Besides the christian folklore reference, is a great philosophical question that God asks us or that we should ask ourselves everyday- Where am I going?

  2. Wow thanks for this, very interesting!

    And, it’s really amazing that the Minister format has been in use so long, proof of its excellent design.

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