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Occasionally Quo Vadis aficionados ask us if they can purchase just a new cover for their planner.   Either the cover was damaged (family dog using it as chew toy), they got one they didn’t like (lime green is not for me), or they are tired of the one they have and want to make a change (our covers take awhile to wear out!)

Well, Classic Office Products in New Jersey will help you out!   The owner, Ed Bauer will sell you the cover you need in the color you want. Individual covers are not set up for online sales, but you can email Ed at   BTW, Classic Office Products stocks all Quo Vadis and Exacompta planners and refills.   We get many compliments on his great customer service.



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  1. I have had wonderful service with Classic Office Products. And even though my order is small, they treated me wonderfully. I highly recommend them!

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