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Thanks to a friend’s book party, I had the opportunity to visit Van Alen Books last week, a small store that specializes in architecture and design titles. The interior is dominated by a very striking gray and yellow staircase that, in addition to providing seating and a focus for conversation, got me thinking about iconic colors.

When you think of our sister company, Rhodia, it’s impossible not to think of the colors orange and black. (Quo Vadis notebooks and planners come in a much broader range of hues, and while black is far and away the most popular, it’s certainly not iconic to the brand.) When I think of Van Alen Books, I’ll think of yellow and gray. And we probably all know people who like to dress in a particular color, though not everyone makes that their “thing.”

Do you have a particular (set of) color(s) you like to wear or surround yourself with?

3 thoughts on “Iconic colors

  1. Far and away it’s the color purple for me, any and all shades of it. From ink to yarn to stationery to clothes, purple makes me fee relaxed and it IS a symbol of royalty after all;)

  2. This is gonna sound pretty shallow, but when I bought my first Jeep, it was red. So I started to favor red shirts, jackets, and hats. Not to mention other gear like camp chairs and luggage.

    Then I replaced the red Jeep with a dark blue one and now I buy blue shirts, jackets, hats . . . ^_^

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