How to use a paper towel

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TED Talks are loved and hated in seemingly equal measure, but this one struck a chord… after noting that Americans go through 13 billion pounds of paper towel each year, Portlander Joe Smith demonstrates a simple way to achieve the same amount of absorption while using fewer paper towels: shake and fold.


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  1. Very practical and useful information! I will definitely remember “shake and fold” next time I’m in a public restroom.

    I lived in Korea during the so-called “IMF Crisis” in the late 1990s and one of the things I remember, to this day, were the signs posted on the paper towel dispensers. The signs asked that each person use only one paper towel since each towel cost approximately 10¢ (and hello, the country was in crisis). I’ve tried to use only one paper towel ever since, though more for environmental reasons than economic.

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