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I’m not sure if this announcement is overdue, though I’m glad, at least for now, that I’m not overdue: we’re expecting our first child on or around the 28th of June. In two weeks, in other words! I’m just hoping he’s punctual.

I’ll be blogging up through the delivery, and then Karen will hold down the fort while I’m off on maternity leave. At the moment, I’m hoping to come back part-time in August, though that may depend on the temperament and sleep habits of the little one.

Up till now, I’ve been blessed with a very low-stress pregnancy, but I’m still getting awfully impatient to meet this baby!

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  1. Thanks for the wishes well, all! And don’t worry, Terry, I’m neither planning to blog from the hospital nor averse to letting my little one scribble in both Rhodia and QV notebooks…

  2. Whoops! I have my notebook/planner websites confused! Of course, what I *meant* to say was that your soon-to-be child will be precocious and scribbling in a HABANA in no time…

    Head hanging in embarrassment…

  3. Congratulations, Leah! But I hope you won’t be posting right *through* the delivery! Send pix of the baby, who will be precocious and scribbling in a Rhodia Webbie in no time!

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