Want a blank small staplebound notebook?

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We got a question recently from a fan of the pocket-sized staplebound Clairefontaine notebooks:

Is there any way you can produce that in a blank format? As a pocket notebook, I use it for sketching quick ideas as well and a blank format would be killer.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Want a blank small staplebound notebook?

  1. I, too, got here looking for blank staplebound notebooks. (The Rhodia top-bound notebooks aren’t the right format for the way I write.) The size I gravitate to is 6×8, and right now I use spiral-bound artist’s sketchbooks, because those are the only blank notebooks I can find. It would be great to have them in that delicious Rhodia vellum!

  2. I would love to see these in blank, as I found this post by searching for 3.5 x 5.5 blank staplebound haha.

    I hate lines…I wrote between lines enough during my school days, and I want to be free to write and draw wherever I like 🙂

    Just a FYI, there doesn’t seem to be ANY viable options for this size staplebound notebook that is blank (Moleskine cahiers in my experience are no good for anything beyond pencil and ballpoint ink).

    How about the 1951 model in blank? 😛

    • Thanks for your comment, Shane! Unfortunately, I can’t make any promises about blank 1951s, but if you’re open to a top-bound notebook, you can try the Graf it pads… Read more about them here.

  3. I would love to see these in Blank pages! This paper (regardless of which notebook) is in daily use at our home and business. There isn’t much choice in the blank page options however, so it would be nice to have another addition!

  4. Yes, like Rachel, I’d like to see more blank notebooks. They are the only kind I use, and there isn’t that much choice. I also like heavier, non bleed-through paper, and that really limits my choices.

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