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Long-time readers may remember Lani Rosenstock (now Lani Inlander), fashion stylist and occasional guest blogger. I keep up with her these days on her own blog, and was inspired to share this line from a recent post on the art of closet editing:

The less you have, the more you will wear.

It’s a great point about clothes but also, I think, about stuff in general. I am lucky enough, through this job, to get tons of great writing supplies. When I edited my ink collection recently and gave my little-used colors to a friend, I rediscovered some bottles I’d been meaning to throw back into my regular rotation, and suddenly the task seemed less daunting. I’m sure the same would be true of my books if I had the guts — though I always cull when I move, and that often prompts me to rediscover things I want to reread.

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