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I visited St. Augustine lighthouse over the weekend and I was inspired by an encounter with a ghost!

I thought it might be fun to work with a group of people from Quo Vadis Blog and see if we could develop our own ghost story – either a page or two of writing each, a sketch, a collage–whatever writing or artwork we want to create to tell our part of the story.   We would pass the notebook along and create as we go.   The last person would write the ending.

Please send me an email ( if you might be interested in participating.   The goal is to have fun, work on a collaborative project together, and publish our Ghost Story on Quo Vadis Blog when it is done.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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  1. Hi Karen, could you please contact me? I have a question for you about the photo of the Marine, I’m trying to find out the origin of it. Thank you!

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