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We were up in Western Massachusetts to celebrate the Easter holiday.   I took the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places on earth:   Nash Dinoland.

Nash Dinoland is a family-owned and run museum and archaeological site. They opened in 1939.   The wife of the owner is over 90. She was kind enough to keep the museum open a little past closing time so I could go out to the quarry in the woods to see the ancient tracks in the stone. The museum features plaster of paris representations of dinosaurs and of course, dinosaur tracks.

Here is a description of the discovery of the dinosaur tracks:

“In 1802, a young farm boy by the name of Pliny Moody was plowing a field in South Hadley, Massachusetts.   He unearthed a stone slab that had strange markings on it that looked a lot like large bird tracks.   He took the slab to the educated people of his day, who were mostly christian clergy, to get their opinion on what they were. They declared them to be the tracks of Noah’s raven. (Noah, when he was on the biblical ark, sent out a raven that never returned to the ark.) It was thought that the raven finally touched down in South Hadley and left its tracks in the mud. This is what the tracks were thought to be until the 1830’s.”

Since I had already eaten my chocolate bunny 🙁   Lori gave me another treat for Easter – my own dinosaur track!   I have checked, and looked and pondered, and I think it might be from a coelophysis or a close relative.   The track is estimate to be 185-200 million years old.   I traced the track with my fingers and crossed the distance in time to when this dinosaur track was made.   Since the track was pretty clear, I don’t think the dinosaur was running, just walking in the mud, looking around – much like me.

Anyone else been to Nash Dinoland or a museum like it?





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