Can I get a ruling?

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I’ve been meaning to follow up on Beth’s recent comment about the lining on the new, small Habanas:

While I can fit my bigger nibs between the lines with practice, I find they really slow me down as I have to take care or I wander outside those lines… I like “college ruled” but this feels cramped.

Of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to ruling size, but I wonder if others find the Habana’s narrowest ruling too cramped. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Can I get a ruling?

  1. I recently purchased a 4″x6″ Habana notebook and feel that the ruling is very nice, though perhaps just a little too wide for my handwrting as I can still get two lines of script per page line.

  2. Yes, I have rejected paper because the ruling was too wide. I LOVE Rhodia paper, but the ruling is just too big for me. Maybe I’m too picky, but I like 6mm ruling and it’s hard for me to use anything else.

  3. Like the commenter above, 6mm is the widest ruling I will use, and I’m glad to have the option of even narrower ruling. I would love to find the same ruling in a smaller pocket size notebook as well.

  4. For me anything over 6mm is far too wide and leads to wasting of space – 5mm grid is a good option for me.

    That said I know some people find the 8mm too narrow (and thus use blank notebooks).

    It’s all down to personal preference.

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