Handwriting and fonts

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Murielle passed along this site a few months ago, which allows you to create a font from your own handwriting and use it to send your friends an email.

Alas, we were both too late, because the campaign ended last June and the service is no longer active. I still wanted to blog about it, though, not just because I think it’s a practical way to personalize electronic messages, but because it brought back warm memories of other handwritten fonts I’ve encountered, like the one in the Moosewood Cookbook. (Weirdly, I can’t seem to find images of it online, and my own battered old copy is at my parents’ place.) There’s Comic Sans, of course, which designers love to hate. And there are other sites, it seems, that will turn your handwriting into a font, albeit for a fee.

Do you like or use handwritten fonts?

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