Dr. Beltrami’s prescription for better time management

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Another great thing I discovered in the old brochure Karen sent me is some time management advice from Quo Vadis founder Dr. FG Beltrami.

“Remember,” Dr. Beltrami writes, “My system works because it is simple. Just take one step at a time.”

With that in mind, he outlines these three steps:

1. Make a list

Go through the projects that you are working on. Make an inventory of all the things you have to do, appointments not to be forgotten, and notes on little scraps of paper.

2. Establish priorities

No matter how many things you have to do, and no matter how urgent they are, you just cannot do them all at the same time. Just take everything one step at a time.

3. The time factor

Plans are only as good as how you implement them. It is not just enough to make lists, or even prioritize them… you must give some thought as to when you will be doing the project, making the phone calls, etc. that are important to you.

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