Do you use bookplates?

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I am constantly amazed at the amount of stuff in my home, which seems to accumulate independently of my periodic efforts to cull and toss. The other day, I rediscovered these world map bookplates; if I remember right, I got them as a stocking stuffer a couple years ago.

Handsome as they are, I’ve never actually put them to use. Perhaps it’s a question of habit. In college, I wrote my name onto the inside covers of my books. Now that I’m more settled and my books are less likely to go missing, I don’t even do that. I love looking at old bookplates (here’s a great bookplate blog I discovered thanks to one of Karen’s posts), but somehow I’m just not ready to continue the tradition.

Do you use bookplates?

4 thoughts on “Do you use bookplates?

  1. I use bookplates. I also have to admit I use library check-out cards. I’m in a book club and we frequently share books. The check-out cards make sure my books come back to me. Plus, I really like using the date stamp! I’m a librarian-wannabe!

  2. In college back in the early 90’s (you know, eons ago) I thought about getting into it. I saw some great plates through the years when buying old books. I never ever did buy any plates, probably because I never saw anything that really turned my eye that was available to me to purchase. I saw the “world” plates you show in the post offered quite a lot. I wanted something different and never really saw it.
    What I did see and came real close to buying was a seal, like a notary seal. I want one, but I’ve just never bit the bullet. For stationary stuff, I’d like to have a desk seal.

  3. What a beautiful bookplate. I used to affix bookplates to my beloved books proudly. Now, with new purchases that I might recycle for another book at our used book store, I’ve learned to keep the cover on the book and not to write in the margins. And no more bookplates. Sadly.
    And I even (cough) read books on my iPhone/iPad/iAnything. Change happens. But that doesn’t mean giving up our fountain pens, lovely paper, or having admiration for the design of a lovely bookplate.

  4. Hubby had some printed up when he finished his MA about a hundred years ago. A week or two ago, we were in a favorite used bookstore when I spied a title I thought he might find interesting. I pulled the book off the shelf, opened it – and saw his bookplate in the front.

    Apparently I was half right – he liked the book, but not *that* much.

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