Articles and optimism

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One of the main characters of Norman Rush’s Mating, Nelson Denoon, keeps a stack of old Economists at home, certain that he’ll one day get to them. I thought of that when I shared an Economist article about personal metrics, because it’s from an issue dated early March and I only just got around to reading it.

For me, saving magazines is more of a problem with The New Yorker than it is with The Economist (which I can justify tossing if it’s not current and the news I want to catch up on has seen too many subsequent developments). I used to think the iPad would fix this — no need to waste space on paper copies if I’ve got everything electronic form! Trouble is, I’m less likely to return to old issues if I can’t see them cluttering up the table, and I’m less likely to remember which pieces I meant to read if I can’t fold the covers straight to them.

How long do you save old magazines?

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  1. I usually save the last two issues of a magazine (in my case, Time, Economist, and Lucky) and after that, they head to the recycling bin. I used to keep them around longer, but now that we have weekly recycling pick up, we have no problem remembering to let go of our periodicals.

    I do understand what you mean about paper copies helping you remember to read an article. And in my case, I also prefer to read those 10 page articles in paper form as opposed to on an iPad.

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