Silver and gold: a companion for Rouge Hematite

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Two thoughtful readers tipped us off to this thread on the Fountain Pen Network about J. Herbin’s special edition anniversary ink, Rouge Hematite.

After discussing the merits of gold flecks suspended in red ink, one poster suggested a possible companion color: blue with silver flecks (bleu d’argent?), an idea that other posters seemed to like, too. Many have apparently emailed J. Herbin to let them know, but since I thought it was a cool suggestion, it occurred to me I could gather additional feedback here and possibly give France an extra nudge.

What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Silver and gold: a companion for Rouge Hematite

  1. While I’d love the color, I’ll have to be the downer here and say the performance on the Rouge relegates it to my low end c/c fill pens. Which means I rarely use it. Not a good sign from a Herbin junky that can get thru multiples of the little bottles in a week.

  2. RE: Blue w/silver flecks

    I think that a bright Ultramarine, bright Sapphire or a Midnight Sky blue would show off the silver flecks to the best advantage.

    Sailor has a color called Yama Dori and I think a J. Herbin ink of a similar hue with silver would be “the bee’s knees!

  3. Yes, sounds good! I’m also really liking coral with gold. I didn’t rinse the Rouge Hermatite out of my pen very well (despite the warnings on the label!), so the gold is still showing up with other colors in the pen and looking fabulous!

  4. What a lover key idea! Rouge Hematite has been a consistent favorite of mine since it’s release and a companion blue with silver would make a perfect “precious metal duo”,….and fountain pen friendly too . Great idea!

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