On calendars and kitchen tips

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Every year around Christmas, one of my father’s sisters sends me a German wall calendar; it’s a great way to keep up my language skills while also staying organized. This year’s calendar is called Was Grossmutter noch wusste, or “What Grandmother still knew,” and it’s packed with old tips, recipes, and sayings.

I couldn’t resist reading ahead on the tips. Many of them make use of common household objects (using vinegar to clean mirrors, say). A number of them involve potatoes — something every good Hausfrau has on hand — so, for instance, you’re instructed to soak old, matted sweaters in a mush of grated potatoes and cold water. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I may give it a whirl before winter’s over.

Do you have any favorite old household tips or tricks?

3 thoughts on “On calendars and kitchen tips

  1. One I use is to clean my kitchen sink with Bicarbonate of Soda. Once scrubbed, I then tip white vinegar on it for that fizzy “oxy” action. Deodorises a smelly plug-hole too.

    Ah, bucket chemistry!

    • According to the calendar, it makes sweaters look “as good as new” one you’ve soaked them overnight and washed them … very strange, isn’t it? Must have something to do with the starch.

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