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Meet my new favorite office supply: a strange, spongy rubber thumb cap I found at a client’s office. It’s covered in little raised dots and has a few air holes on one side, perhaps so you don’t overheat. At any rate, the intended use seems to be for flipping through stacks of paper or leafing through a book and preventing the pages from sticking together. I gather the official name is a thimblette.

Frankly, it’s nothing that a licked finger couldn’t also accomplish, but it’s a fun object to idly squish and squeeze and play around with, and it doesn’t take up much space in my drawer.

Have you ever used one?

6 thoughts on “My rubber thumb

  1. Wow! That makes me nostalgic for my first office jobs many decades ago. We always had them in our office supply rooms, although I haven’t used them in years. I think we actually wore them on a finger rather than the thumb. Very useful for leafing through large stacks of paper or for manually collating large photocopying projects back in the days before photocopiers produced collated copies. I generally used the sticky pink gel instead, and I think bank tellers used the gel to make it easier to count bills. I’m happy to see that both products are still made, although I doubt many are sold these days.

  2. No one who ever worked in government contracting would be without one. You haven’t lived until you’ve had to go into long term storage and go thru hundreds of pages of TYPED onion skin copies for the purchase of airplanes so old that they were old when your dad flew them!

    The other product that went with them and was purchase in bulk – sticky fingers! I think it was the product name as well. A pink, tacky thing that feels a lot like lip balm, but makes your fingers sticky to turn pages long after your skin oils have been blotted away.

  3. You must be YOUNG, Leah. These have been around forever, and were an absolutely essential office supply many years ago. Their purpose was exactly what you said, to put on your finger for flipping through and working with papers. So much nicer and quicker. We each had a favorite one, kind of like a favorite thimble used for sewing and mending.

  4. Heh, those were the days…back in the dark ages when I put myself through college running a photocopier and being a file clerk for an insurance company, I often used these. Was easier on the fingers to page through sometimes hundreds of physical paper files. Yet another thing that computers have rendered almost obsolete…

  5. I worked as a student for this office where they had me sort through several decades of files. I cut my fingers several times so I was given this old orange rubber thumb that fit perfectly.

    A while later I found a box of 10 and bought them immediately. I didn’t know there were different sizes and I accidentally bought the size 10 which is too big for my thumb but still workable.

    So before you buy, try them on first 😀

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